Calling all young ringers!

If you're aged under 25, or know someone who is, we are re-establishing the young ringers group in Sussex.

Under the leadership of Marisa Hayes, Ringmer ringer and mum of new ringer Abigail, the first series of meet ups are happening in May. On three Sunday afternoons, 9th, 16th and 23rd May, there is an opportunity to get to know any young ringers and their families at different locations in Sussex.

On Sunday 9th, from 2-3.30pm, we start at Ashburnham Place nr Battle, East Sussex. Admission to the grounds is free, there's plenty of space for games and handbells, plus a tea room the adults can enjoy!

Other venues tbc, but please register your interest with Marisa via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would like to host the young ringers, please do let Marisa know. Although technically we could, we shan't be asking for access to church bells just yet, but we hope that it won't be long!

If you're over 25 and would still like to support us, you will already know that all young ringers activities are fuelled by copious amounts of cake! If you'd like to join our band of bakers, please let Marisa know - we are happy to reimburse costs!

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

We are saddened by the news that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died on 9th April aged 99. He had been dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen and the many interests for which he was Patron. His legacy of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme has benefited bell ringing through service and activities for young people.

Guidance for ringing for the Duke of Edinburgh

Following conversations with the Church of England today, half-muffled tolling or chiming of a single bell on Saturday 10th April 2021 at 12 noon, 99 times or up to 5 minutes is recommended following the announcement of the death the Duke of Edinburgh. The Cabinet Office has declared 8 days of official mourning, during which time any other ringing should be half-muffled and in accordance with current Covid-19 restrictions. Half-muffled tolling or chiming of a single bell is recommended on the day of the funeral. There is no special dispensation of current ringing guidance on Sunday.

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Ringing for the funeral of HRH Duke of Edinburgh (UPDATED 12 April 2021)

What the Church is expecting is tolling of a single bell during the hour before the funeral, which starts with a minute’s silence at 3pm on Saturday. You don’t need to toll for the full hour, just during the hour, e.g. up to 3pm. Half muffled preferred, but a single bell tolling slowly whether half muffled, fully muffled, or even unmuffled, will have the desired effect.

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Easter Sunday Ringing Guidance

Many incumbents are asking if some bells can be rung as part of their church or cathedral’s Easter celebrations, and bellringers are also keen to play part. The Central Council believes that bells are an important part of the act of worship, particularly on Easter Sunday. Unlike at Christmas, UK and Irish Governments have not introduced any relaxations of the rules on meeting indoors for Easter. Those rules are readily available and well understood.

The CC has established guidance on reducing the risk of ringing both to ourselves and each other, and most recently published our latest thinking on virus transmission and ventilation in ringing chambers, with chancel crossings at one end of the risk scale and small airless rooms at the other. The CC recommend considering all these factors when decided how many bells can be rung and for how long, in consultation with your incumbent, churchwardens or Cathedral Chapters.

Read more: Easter Sunday Ringing Guidance

Handbell Morning Report (March 2021)

Such is the success of the SCACR Handbell morning that we were joined this month by visitors from Yorkshire, who came to see how it is done. The YACR are planning their first Virtual Handbell Morning later in the month and our model is a good example. The dialect and probably the weather will be different but other than that the well-oiled machine is now to be replicated in the north.

29 ringers in total joined the event on 27th March. We had one person who had never rung handbells before, all the way through to the eminent new Master of the Birmingham University Society of Change Ringers. Jonathan welcomed everyone to the group and explained how the morning would work.

We had the comfort of ‘Hamish is Here’ to resolve technical issues, however there were virtually none to worry about this time, which left all the focus for ringing. By the break there had been much success including a celebrated course of Kent Major for one very happy, albeit ‘frazzled’ ringer.

As the glimmer of hope of lockdown lifting starts to shine, we debated how the future of these events may look. There is a lot of value in the virtual events, allowing people to join without having to travel, however, it will be lovely to meet in person again. We concluded to make the most of both and there are plans to have a mixture of live and virtual events in the future.

Next time is another virtual event on 22nd May. Do come along and give it a try if you haven’t yet.

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