Put Sussex on the map for Armistice Day ringing!

You can put Sussex on the map by adding your Armistice ringing to the government website (no need to register) and if you'd like a certificate and a mention in the Ringing World add it to the Bellboard event, photos encouraged!

Please add all your planned ringing (of ANY kind - rounds, call changes, touches, QPs etc) NOW, before 11 November. There will be an upsurge in interest from local and national media in the run-up to 11 November; it's likely journalists will be looking at the map to see where there will be ringing, and may well wish to feature your band (if they know you're ringing!)...

Where to record your Armistice Day ringing

There are two places to record your ringing:

  1. The Ringing World, the weekly journal for #bellringing, has a special Bellboard event for recording Armistice Day ringing of all types. These ringing events will also be included in subsequent editions of the printed journal, and photographs of Armistice Day ringing from across the country are sought to accompany this. Ringers will later be able to draw down special commemorative certificates from these records. [N.B. This requires a BellBoard account. Click "register" to join BB for free (no RW subscription required)]
  2. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is asking ringers to record their ringing events on the government's #Armistice100 website Armistice100 website This links to many other #WW1 centenary events happening across the country and allows the public to search for nearby commemoration events.

This info is from the Big Ideas #RingingRemembers newsletter

Get Well Soon Gerald!

Our thoughts are with Gerald Sandwell and his family as he is recovering from major surgery. Gerald is a current Vice President of the Association. He served as Master (1989-1992), Education Officer (1998-2003) and is an Honorary Life Member since 2001.

Gerald was diagnosed with mouth cancer in August. On 1st October he underwent major surgery, which took 9 hours. He was deemed by the consultants as a very fit 83-year-old! The operation went according to plan and he is recovering well. He has a long road ahead but initial signs are positive.

On behalf of the Association, we wish Gerald a speedy recovery.

Armistice Day Centenary Ringing – International Event

Bells at St George, Ypres (Belgium)

Bells across the world will ring out on Sunday 11th November to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. As usual, many towers will ring half-muffled in the morning for Remembrance services. SCACR is encouraging as many towers as possible to also ring with bells un-muffled at 12.30 pm, as requested by the Government. This will coincide with the procession of 10,000 members of the public past the Cenotaph ("A Nation's Thank You - the People's Procession"), and with the ringing of bells across Europe. The UK government, supported by the German government, has invited nations to participate in international bell ringing to replicate the national outpouring of relief that took place at the end of the war.

We are delighted Sussex has 98 “Ringing Remembers” recruits, who will be taking part in the commemorative ringing on 11th November.

Your local communities may also be involved in Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute evening activities when later, at 6.55pm, buglers will sound the Last Post across the country and at 7pm beacons will burn to ‘signify the light of peace that emerged from the four years of war’. At 7.05pm church and cathedral bells will ring out.

We encourage all ringers to respond as they see fit, taking into account the wide variety of local circumstances. Bell Towers will be able to receive special certificates for ringing at 12.30pm on 11 November to recognise their contribution to the UK Government’s national WW1 centenary commemorations.

Please link your remembrance day ringing to the official Bellboard event to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice. The Ringing World is also looking for special photographs to mark the occasion in its published coverage. You can link photographs to performances, submit them independently via the ‘Add Photos’ link on the left panel, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Make sure you link your performance so that it can be included. [N.B. This requires a BellBoard account. Click "register" to join BB for free (no RW subscription required)]

‘A Nation’s Thank you - The People’s Procession’

As news of the Armistice spread in November 1918, church bells, which had fallen silent across the UK during the First World War, rang out in celebration. Bells will ring out around the world at 12:30 pm on 11th November 2018, to symbolise the national outpouring of relief that took place at the end of the war. Ten thousand members of the public will march past the Cenotaph at this time, to mark the centenary of the Armistice. Ringing and the People’s Procession will take place after the conclusion of The Royal British Legion’s Veteran Dispersal and March Past the Cenotaph, which follows the National Service of Remembrance on 11 November 2018. Bell ringing and the People’s Procession both form part of the national commemoration events for the centenary of the Armistice in London, and will be followed by a service at Westminster Abbey in the evening.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright said: “On the centenary of the Armistice, it is right that we come together to give thanks to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who returned home to help shape the world we live in today. The 11th of November offers us a unique opportunity to show our appreciation for the generation who gave so much to secure this hard fought victory.”

The People’s Procession will provide an opportunity for those taking part to give thanks to all those who served in the First World War to secure the victory that helped shape the rights and privileges we enjoy today. Members of the public were invited to apply for tickets for the People’s Procession through a ballot.


Ringing Remembers badges for learners – register by 11 October

These special badges are for Ringing Remembers recruits to recognise their participation as learners in the Ringing Remembers campaign. To get your badge, you need to have registered as a Ringing Remembers recruit and updated your profile by 11 October.

If you are a new ringer, and have not done so already, please make sure you register yourself on the Ringing Remembers sign up database. If you have already registered, please make sure you have updated your account so that you’re registered as learning to ring. Please help us by asking other new recruits to register and update their profile, particularly if you know they are not able to read this message.

You need to register/update your profile by 11 October if you want to wear your badge on Armistice Day! Ringing Remembers badges Q&A

The Ringing Remembers campaign has sought to recruit new bell ringers to commemorate the 1,400 who died in WW1. Ringing Remembers recruits will ring on Armistice Day alongside existing ringers across Sussex, around the UK and worldwide.

"This project gives us the opportunity to raise the profile of ringing and develop a relationship with community networks to provide new bell ringers. Ringing Remembers is a poignant and significant programme which appropriately acknowledges the sacrifices made by so many, aspiring to a living legacy for ringing."
Alan Regin MBE

Towers will be able to receive special certificates for ringing at 12.30pm on November 11 to recognise their contribution to the UK Government's national WW1 centenary commemorations. More details for these certificates will be announced shortly.

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