SCACR Membership

SCACR membership is open to all change ringers in Sussex. There are several different types of membership:

Ringing Member (i.e. resident member): pays an annual subscription (£8 adult / £4 child) and resides in the county, or is a regular ringer within Sussex although residing outside the county. Ringing members are usually associated with a particular tower in Sussex. The guideline minimum competency is to be able to lower a bell safely and ring competently in rounds. To become a member, a ringer should be nominated (usually by their tower captain) and seconded using the form below.

Ringing Members are entitled to:

  • Receive news updates from the association
  • An annual Handbook/Report
  • Be a member of the SCACR Facebook group (social media)
  • Vote at the AGM
  • Ring peals for the association

Associate Member: non-ringer with a connection to the Association or any tower within the county. The annual subscription is the same as that for a Ringing Member.

Non-Resident Member: not resident nor a regular ringer within Sussex. Any non-member attempting to ring a peal for the SCACR must become a member by paying one year’s subscription. Any Ringing Member with 5 years' membership will, on moving outside Sussex, automatically become a Non-Resident Member without further payment.

Non-Resident Members are only entitled to:

  • Ring peals for the association

Long Service Member: Ringing Member with 50 years' uninterrupted paid membership of the Association. Long Service Members are not required to pay an annual subscription.

Honorary Life Member: (not necessarily a ringer) may be elected at an AGM for outstanding or distinguished service to the Association or to the art of ringing in general. Honorary Life Members are not required to pay an annual subscription.

Please remember to keep the association updated with any changes of contact details (including email address) via the membership coordinator. If you have any questions regarding membership, please do not hesitate to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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