Post-COVID update, autumn 2022:
There are no monthly meetings at present as a replacement organiser has not so far come forward. There are 60 ringers in the Codgers address list so it should be possible for a volunteer (or volunteers) to step forward! It would certainly be a shame if Codgers ceased, as it has been running since the early 1990’s. The organiser’s duties are fairly minimal and could easily be shared by more than one person.

In the present format, for each month the two towers need choosing, (and a suitable local pub selected) then approached to confirm availability. Usually the pub menu is circulated to members and forwarded to the pub on the Monday before the meeting. A Risk Assessment must be generated for each meeting which although it may seem an onerous task being 5 pages long, only the first two pages change each month. The organiser(s) also need to nominate a ringer to run the ringing at each tower.

Perhaps the present format of the meetings requires change, eg only one tower per meeting and a pub lunch so the afternoons are free? Anything is possible depending on what is required by the members.
Please get in touch with Mike Foster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer or for more information.

'Codgers' is a group of ringers across Sussex of all ages who get together to for a 'mini-outing' once a month.  Although members are predominantly from Sussex there are several from other counties. The group will happily ring rounds and call changes as well as more difficult methods. Ringers of all ages and skills are welcome as long as they can handle a bell safely by themselves with reasonable striking.

The 'Codgers' meet once a month, usually on the first Wednesday. The usual arrangement is to ring at two towers with a pub lunch between towers. The group also have a longer summer outing, usually in June each year.

The venue for the month is published in the calendar. Details are also circulated to the Codgers mailing list about one week beforehand. Anyone interested in coming along can get more details from the calendar.

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