Sussex Day 16 June 2014

Enthusiasm for celebrating our county of East and West Sussex is growing, so if there is an event near your tower, you might like to join in by having a tower open day, or just by ringing?

Sussex Day was created in 2007 to celebrate the heritage and all that’s good about Sussex. The date, 16 June, was chosen because it is St Richard's Day – which marks the life of St Richard, who was Bishop of Chichester from 1245 until his death in 1253.  In medieval times West Sussex was an important place of pilgrimage. Thousands made their way to the shrine of St Richard at Chichester cathedral every year.

As 16 June falls on a Monday in 2014, most events are taking place over the w/e 14/15 June: Find out more using the useful links below. Thanks to Stella Bianco for contributing this item. If you are doing something - please tell us about it and if you wish to do more to support Sussex Day in 2015, why not let us know? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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AGM 2014 News

Val Burgess and Christine Baldock

The 129th AGM took place on 10th May at Uckfield and was attended by over 80 members.

The day started with with ringing at Barcombe, Maresfield and Little Horsted.

Over 40 members enjoyed a superb ploughman's lunch laid on by Clare Cullen and as the crowd gathered for the 2pm start of business, Adele Potton and Marisa Hayes ran an auction of SCACR branded clothing.

The Master opened the meeting by inviting everyone to stand in memory of the SCACR members who had died during the last year. The business of the meeting was swiftly concluded with the Officers' Reports being taken as read. The Treasurer reported on the Accounts - her final report after 13 years of faithful and sterling service.

The main business of the day was the proposal from Anne Franklin and Stephen Beckingham to adopt a new set of rules (as previously documented) and the ensuing discussion which was lively and well managed by the Master in the chair. The motion which was carried by the majority was put by Jane Wilkinson and seconded by Geoff Rix 'that this meeting accepts 'in principle' and with much gratitude the new draft rules and asks the Officers to bring

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SCACR Vision - updated

An update from the General Secretary 18 January:

I have today circulated minutes of the committee meeting to all attendees. General_Committee_Jan_2014.pdf

During the course of the week it has become apparent that one key point which was agreed at the meeting was genuinely overlooked: Please note: There are to be no changes imposed on the Divisional Boundaries.

Whilst many members of the committee can see the value of smaller local level areas or hubs, there will be no changes to the Divisional structure.

It is not the wish of the Working Group to push through any changes which were not agreed by the meeting. Everyone is in agreement that there have been some positive changes as a result of the summer's discussion groups and it's hoped that things will develop naturally.

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Ringing for Stedman

Ringers of Sussex are invited to mark the Tercentenary of the burial of Fabian Stedman.

Fabian Stedman is probably the most famous ringer and he had an enormous influence on the development of change ringing by publishing the first books on the subject. He was buried on 16th November 1713.

The Central Council is encouraging all ringers to mark this anniversary by ringing on or as close as possible to Saturday 16th November 2013, and to use the event to seek as much publicity as possible for your ringing, local bands and for ringing in general. John Harrison (CCCBR PR Committee)

Take a look at the Central Council website for touches of Stedman (300 changes), peal and quarter peal compositions and find yours

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