Master's Christmas 2013 Musings

My Musings are a little shorter than usual mainly because I am trying very hard to finish Christmas presents for our two younger grandchildren.

In the middle of November I spent a morning with the Rye ringers on their outing on the Eastern/Southern Division borders. Having visited Rye for one of the Vision meetings, it was good to renew acquaintances and meet some new people. Unfortunately I was unable to have lunch with them as the Southern/Northern Division joint Vision meeting was scheduled at Newick. This was well attended with some very useful contributions. About ten days later the Vision Working Party met and you should, by now, have the papers resulting from all the discussion groups that have taken place. I trust that you have found these to be useful. These will be presented at the

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Master's September-October 2013 Blog

I have just washed the kitchen floor but cannot face the dusting so, with the smell of the borscht bubbling away in the kitchen (beetroot from the garden) it is well past the time to sit and gaze out of the patio windows to “Muse”.

When it was time for the August Musings I had written two articles for Soundbow and my aged laptop was having a hissy fit so I gave that one a miss. September passed me by with Alan’s birthday, ending in a big “0” when we had a lovely family lunch in a local pub and then all came back home for tea and cake made by Rachel, our elder daughter. There were fourteen of us including Miriam’s (our younger daughter) fiancé, Mervin who was introduced to the family. They are still very happy so I assume Mervin was happy with what he saw! Weddings plans are well on the way for June.

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Master's Musings - August 2013

Whoops! I have just realised that it is time to muse about happenings in July. Time does fly when you are enjoying yourself!

The Northern Division meeting at Lower Beeding was very well attended with a good range of methods. During the afternoon I had a lesson at Hailsham Ringing Centre for two new possible ringers. One of them was a young lad who signed up at South of England show. He showed real promise and seemed very happy when he left. I have since been unable to contact him having left messages on his parents’ phone so, sadly, at the moment I do not have high hopes of him returning. The other person is getting on slowly but lacks confidence so time is spent reassuring her. However, she is still coming! I am sure that some of you have who teach have come across a similar situation. I would encourage you to stick with the slower learner who often proves to become quite proficient and a valuable member of the band.

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Master's Musings - July 2013

The BBQ summer that was forecast last year has, at last, appeared. Probably, like a good number of you, Alan and I had our summer holiday at the beginning of the month. We took our motorhome over the border to Scotland. Alan had some peals arranged as part of the Cumberlands Country weekend but during the whole of the time I did not touch a bell rope. However, I managed some lovely walks of between three and six miles. We made good use of our bus passes during the first week as we had not quite reached Scotland (where they are not accepted). We had a trip to Alnwick Castle on the bus and were lucky enough on both journeys to si

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Master's Musings June 2013

I am looking out of the patio doors to a cloudless sky watching the rabbits on the “lawn”. I love how it is at the moment with the grasses shimmering in the breeze and the daisies, dandelions and celandines giving colour but the “gardener” prefers to keep the grass short so during this week they will all disappear. A butterfly is fluttering from plant to plant and various insects buzzing around.

The first month has past in my new position and, so far, things appear to have gone smoothly. Alan and I joined the Codgers outing on the 5th when we went over the border to Kent. Friendly company, fine weather, good ringing and a good lunch made for a very pleasant day out. The next occasion was the South of England Show. A lot has already been written about this but one or two anecdotes I would like to share. A lady who was blind said that she had always wanted to have a go at bell ringing as she loved the sound of the bells. After a very short time she was able to handle the bell with no difficulty. She went away a very happy lady. A young man who was disabled, appeared to have very little co-ordination, with only three fingers on each hand and was deaf was shown once and then took over ringing the bell very competently. Again a lovely smile as he walked away. There were many more pleasing moments and what an excellent Public Relations exercise for bell ringing.

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