Alternative AGM 2020 - Report

Communication from the Master

Rob Lane explained in two letters/emails (1) (2) to the members that there would be no AGM in May and that the Annual Report and Handbook would be initially published electronically. However, he explained that there would be an opportunity to query the reports in the Annual Report and Handbook and there would be an opportunity to vote.

Annual Report and Handbook

Regarding the reports, there were no queries.
The next step is to generate the printed versions.

I would like to thank all those who contributed reports and who helped with the production.


The voting is summarised below:

Master Rob Lane 265 0 4
General Secretary Hamish McNaughton 263 1 5
Treasurer Sue Gadd 263 0 6
BRF Secretary Graham Hills 264 1 4
Trustee Mark Dawkins 258 2 9
Safeguarding Officer Sue Child 263 0 6
Eastern CCCBR Rep Alison Everett 252 1 16

For these positions all that was required was a simple majority. All these officers are elected.

Alan Collings was proposed as an Honorary Life Member. Of the 269 votes cast 267 were in favour. A two-thirds majority was required. This was easily met. The General Committee was delighted that Alan is now an Honorary Life Member.

Of the 269 votes cast by the membership, 230 were online and 39 were postal votes.

Thanks go to Jonathan Spencer for devising and implementing the online voting system and to Richard Pendlebury for sending out 150 postal votes and covering letters.


The General Committee has made an initial review of this information. The follow observations were made:

  • Many members have liked the electronic Annual Report. Whilst it is not the intention to replace the printed copy, the General Committee will look at ways that electronic version might become part of our future offering.
  • The level of participation in the vote far exceeds anything that could have been expected at a traditional AGM. Again, the General Committee is resolved to look for ways of encouraging this level of engagement by the membership in future years.
  • The General Committee will also look at the ways other associations have handled their AGMs to increase inclusion and participation.

Hamish McNaughton
General Secretary
6th June 2020

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