CRAG Part 3 - Your feedback on CC Vision and Mission

Dear Association Members,

Please find below/link to take you to the Review of the Central Council CRAG Article 3 - Your feedback on “Vision” and “Mission”. This is the latest article outlining feedback from ringers in general to date and appeared in the Ringing World 23rd December.

All Association/Guild/Society Secretaries have been asked to disseminate this article to our members by whatever means are available to us, as although some of our ringers will subscribe to the Ringing World and follow Central Council website updates, others will not. The group are also posting updates on their facebook page ‘CRAG - The CCCBR Council Review Action Group’ and Twitter feed @cccbrcrag

We will be feeding back how we have passed on this information within our own Association/Guild/Society to you all because one of the next stages of the Review, as you will see from the article, will be an online survey which should be open from January 14th.

UPDATE: 15 Jan 2017: The survey is now back online but please note that all access should now be via the CRAG mini-website which is at

Great War Centenary Commemorative ringing 2017

Thank you, to all the Tower Bands and Ringers who during 2016 arranged for and then rang to Commemorate the Great War Centenary deaths of the 16 known SCACR who died while on service in His Majesty Forces in 1916.

1917 would see 15

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Strike Back Against Cancer (SBABC) campaign


Please help us ring 200 quarter-peals of any Julie McDonnell method by Christmas 2016

Bell ringing and the bell ringing community has an amazing ability to change lives for the positive. Coming up to Christmas it is a nice time to reflect on how we are such a close-knit and caring group, as witnessed by the support Julie McDonnell has received from bell ringers around the world. Within SCACR you have probably read about or been involved in some of the bell ringing activities inspired by Julie McDonnell and her Bellringers Strike Back Against Cancer (SBABC) campaign. However, the Central Council have publicised on their website and emailed out to all us as they have been made aware that many ringers around the country are not yet in the know, and when they do hear about it, of course they want to get involved! Here is a link to the article on the Central Council website:

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Central Council Review Part 2: The role of a central body

Article published in Ringing World on 7 October 2016:

In my last article I outlined the background to the review of the Central Council and the work that CRAG (the Council Review Action Group) was undertaking in order to advise the Central Council on how it might change and modernise in order to serve ringers better.

At the time of writing we have had just over 50 responses of which about two-thirds were in total or general agreement with what was proposed as a vision for ringing. About ten per cent of respondents felt that a Vision was unnecessary and that CRAG should simply have proposed reforms to the Central Council. A number were disappointed that there was no mention of ringing as a sport, while a few others (all from the UK) felt that the church should have featured more prominently. While both of these viewpoints were from a small minority it is clear that any central body (or bodies) that exist to support ringing in the future will n

Read more: Central Council Review Part 2: The role of a central body

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