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Please help us ring 200 quarter-peals of any Julie McDonnell method by Christmas 2016

Bell ringing and the bell ringing community has an amazing ability to change lives for the positive. Coming up to Christmas it is a nice time to reflect on how we are such a close-knit and caring group, as witnessed by the support Julie McDonnell has received from bell ringers around the world. Within SCACR you have probably read about or been involved in some of the bell ringing activities inspired by Julie McDonnell and her Bellringers Strike Back Against Cancer (SBABC) campaign. However, the Central Council have publicised on their website and emailed out to all us as they have been made aware that many ringers around the country are not yet in the know, and when they do hear about it, of course they want to get involved! Here is a link to the article on the Central Council website:

Julie McDonnell, a Sussex ringer of only two years, has had three leukaemias and now brain cancer. In amongst her various treatments she initiated a bell ringing campaign which began with a walking and ringing event on 25 June 2016 and now has its own method variations (e.g. Julie McDonnell Bob Doubles), and huge sponsorship from celebrities and businessmen, as well as families affected by blood cancer. The more quarter peals rung of Julie McDonnell methods, the more money is raised. The sponsors have really taken to this initiative, which is in turn also raising the awareness of bell ringing in a positive way in the public sphere.

Links to the methods and charities involved are at the Strike-Back website.

So, for those interested, all you need to do is a) learn a new method, b) organise and ring a QP with or without Julie, and c) link the QP on Bellboard to the event Bellringers Strike Back Against Cancer. It’s a great way for bell ringers to do their thing and at the same time save lives, while raising awareness of the positive power of bell ringing and bell ringers.

This photo of Julie was taken by Andrew Corby (Tower captain at Canterbury). It shows the bell that was dedicated to Fr John Lee who made SBABC possible, he died three weeks ago. His name in on the bell, at Chiddingstone, Kent where he was Rector before he went to work for the Archbishops John Setamu and Justin Welby. Julie McDonnell

To date the campaign has raised over £1,000,000 which is just amazing. Her website has a new "Just Giving" page for various "Julie McDonnell" ringing and other fundraising events. This page is for public rather than corporate donations.  Their aim is to raise the awareness of the 137 blood cancers that exist We also promote the awareness of Donors Registers such as Anthony Nolan and DKMS and the work of Bloodwise. She is hoping to raise another 100k. Here is the link to the SBABC website and new page:

Julie has been nominated for the below BBC Sussex award for her fund raising #Strikebackagainstbloodcancer #SBABC. With the help of a lot of amazing friends and complete strangers from around the world, particularly bell ringers, the £1 million mark was passed the other day. The cause is to raise awareness of blood cancers and to fund 2nd stem cell transplants for people who might never have received them. Julie says ‘I know it’s me that's been nominated but it’s not about me, it’s about the wonderful ringers and supporters of SBABC who deserve the nomination.’

Please can as many people as possible ring "Julie McDonnell", doubles, triples, maximus or major by Christmas so they can hit the targets from their sponsors. So far Julie and her growing number of supporters have rung 148 quarter peals and their target is 200. Please help!

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