Library: Handbells

Anon Handbells 3 easy tunes for 5 bells    
Anon Handbells 3 easy tunes, exercises for 8 bells    
Bedford, Philip Handbells An Introduction to English Handbell Tune Ringing 1974  
Butler, William Handbells Musical Handbells - A Comprehensive History of the Bells and their Founders 2000  
Goslin, S.B Handbells ABC of Musical Handbell Ringing Tunes, Parts 1& 2 1887 & 2nd Ed. 1891 Repair
Haley, W Handbells Instructions for Playing Tunes on Hand Bells [by numbers]   Repair
Jennings, Trevor S. Handbells Handbells 1989 Shire Album 241
Troyte, Charles A. W Handbells Change Ringing. (Introduction to Early Stages of Church or Handbell Ringing) 2 copies 4th Ed. 1875 One copy under Methods and one under Handbells
Woolley, C.W Handbells Change Ringing on Handbells 1949 & 2nd Ed. 1959  

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