Sussex ringer Alison sets a fine national example

Alison volunteered for a neighbouring Guild hosting the annual Central Council meeting in 2016, to find out more about the wider world of bellringing. She answered the call ‘the future of bellringing needs you’ and found herself involved in more than PR for Sussex! Now on the Central Council Executive, her story is about the journey, the collaborations and the opportunities for everyone to be involved and help shape and preserve the future of bellringing.

Rising to the challenge

Little did I realise three years ago, when I volunteered as a helper at the Central Council Annual Meeting, hosted by the Winchester & Portsmouth Guild, that I would find myself writing about taking on a role as an Executive Trustee within that reforming body. I didn’t know what the Council was, I asked around and was met with a variety of opinions. It seemed the only way to find out was to immerse myself in it. I applied to join the team called for after said 2016 meeting – ‘the future of bellringing needs you’ caught my attention in an ‘email to all’ from our Association Master.

Having not long ago discovered this immersive hobby I was sufficiently intrigued to investigate further why it might be in danger and once I’d started digging I was hooked.

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